Ruin 2 Revelations

Ruin: Revelations - Lucian Bane




He let Isadore draghim to the back of the store. “What did you do?” she hissed, looking around himat the commotion at the front of the store.

“I didn’t kill him.”

“Oh my God, you can’tjust do that to people JD!”

“Stop calling me JD,”he said, annoyed now.

“Well I can’t exactlycall you Ruin now can I?”

“I don’t’ see why not.Are you ashamed to?”

She did several moredouble takes to the front of the store while gasping on unspoken words anddragging him into a small hall at the corner of the store. “What is wrong withyou?”

“Nothing is wrong with me. Nothing different thanbefore, I’m still the same man I was when we left your home. What is wrong withyou?”

“Nothing is wrong with me, I’m not the one shuttingpeople’s mouths because they compliment me!”

“Compliment you?” Fury hit his blood and he leanedhis face in to hers. “He wanted to rape you seven different ways, Isadore.”

Something clicked in her head and the sudden drasticchange in her attitude from cocky to fragile tore him with the urge to pull heragainst his body or walk off and get away from the disgusting emotion. Leavingher wasn’t an option and neither was going a second longer not feeling her.

He pulled her against him and clutched her tight tohis body. At feeling her tremble, he moved them farther into the hall, awayfrom eyes. “Shhh,” he whispered, kissing the side of her face, holding the backof her head in his hand. “I have you, I have you.”

The fear and tension melted from her muscles as hestroked his hand along her spine. The need to do far more had his other handclamping down on her perfect ass. “I’m not sorry,” he whispered helplesslyobeying that need in her, she needed him in that second, in that way, and hecouldn’t stop. “I need you, Isadore.” His lips found her jaw and tastedquickly, his fingers burrowing in her hair to slide along her warm scalp. “Ineed to taste you again. I can’t stop it, I’m sorry.” But he was sorry becausehe couldn’t have that in that second, to bury his lips and tongue in her mostprotected secrets.
But another tiny hot moan from her lips and he wassurely going to do something she’d hate him for later. Even as his need grew,ideas raced through his head. He could hide them from eyes. He just needed toblind all of them. For a bit.

“J-JD, we can’t…”

He stole the foul words with his lips and commandedher desire with irrefutable strokes of his tongue, forcing her to the point ofno return right there in that dark little hallway, right there against the wallwith his hand on her ass and those delicate secrets forced against his leg,pressing, pressing with an urgency. Twenty more seconds and she’d climax forhim, right there, her cries right in his mouth. God, he needed that. But whatwould that gain him in the long run? More of that strange air between them?