Love Letters for the Dark

My name is Lucian Bane, and I'm not normal.

I am many things: Paranormal Romance Author, Husband, Christian Dom, OCD, Driven Workaholic, and Friend

Now that the elephant is out of the room, let's get to know me a bit. I started out writing quirky Vanilla erotica with BDSM sprinkled in the mix and while I had an important message I felt necessary to convey about the dark and mysterious lifestyle, it is not my choice of genre to write in. Turns out Paranormal Romance seems to be. I just felt that click when I caught the inspiration, the promise of hidden worlds explored. Like when you're shopping for the perfect running shoes, and you find them and think, here they are. I can run forever in these. That's what the paranormal feels like, only a pen, in my grip. I can write forever with this.
And so that's where I am now in my journey as a fairly new writer. No guarantees I won't stray from the genre path, however. But wherever the pen takes me, I do hope you enjoy my works.

To see a longer bibliography check out my DomWars book Trailer as it is written there.